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Common sense is an agreed upon set of norms around "acceptable" behavior, opinions, etc. Also called an overton window of dialogue. Because we're monkeys we can only have a ring of about 150 monkeys that we think of as people we can truly engage with on a real level consistently for a period of time. Every community, niche, sect has their own agreed upon common sense and this shouldn't be too hard to grasp nor easy to dismiss as excusatory of garbage worldviews (we'll get there). The place this gets hypercharged is the Internet, and the manufactured binary between cultural "liberalism" and "traditionalism" (usually called conservatism). By being on the internet both interact with people outside of our circles, whose ideas of common sense may be similar (due to the traits that affect 150 monkey groupings when we create a whole society, classism, racism, white supremacy etc etc), or may be wildly different, and-- importantly --more uncommon niches will become bases for new members of 150 group circles, queerness, neurodivergence, and importantly race and gender (as well as tons of other shit). In addition, the cringey gutenburg esque effect of the internet cannot be understated either. People for whom intense academic rigor and (possibly naive) meritocratic ideas of education will be hypercharged in their sureity that not only are they right but anyone with half a brain cell and a hotspot would be able to see it too. (i.e. the "I'm pretty sure anyone who says they care about overpopulation has seen all the expert literature, conjecture and tumblr/twitter commentary about how that's clearly a eugenicist conspiracy" problem of which i am guilty) People who would claim to stand against cultural liberalism, able to clasp to the horned cleat of tradition and conservatism, can rest easy on the fact that the vast majority of well manicured and preserved documentation throughout modern human history was done by dead white guys who couldnt get any bitches, and state the completely true and completely irrelevant fact that someone smart out there disagrees with you. This morphs very quickly, with a little generations long project to mindwipe class consciousness from every working class person across the nation, with special attention paid to male whites, a hilariously monopolized, personal liberty obsessed, racist washed up superpower with fingers in every black and brown person's pie across the globe, and an elementary school civics project of a government could be toppled by a light breeze if it wasn't for the second whole economy strapped to the nations side centered around building more fingers to stick in more pies, into the internet becoming nothing more than a two-pole war, between liberals who think theyre socialists and fascists who think theyre libertarians