Report 0119 "Post 17th Models and Their Accuracy within Subjective Experience Frames"

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Report 0119//Catalogue

Dr. Middlesex's contention that there was a primal understanding of the World and its workings known to the Rachnaeid School was not wholly inaccurate. In fact, we made a report (#8801) when he first published his theories in the fourth volume of Applied Philosophy. However, Middlesex only remained at the forefront of his field for about three decades, and his larger academic theories only survived for a few decades more. Most of the scholarly thought surrounding deeper understanding of World mechanics (referred to as weft by weaving cults and standard modeling by Applied Philosophy) was accidentally but thankfully wiped with the repair of Shift 77 (Register Event #511C5), which was done through a reversion to latest backup for nodule 12.3. In the reverted version, the guild of Mancers reasserted control over the academic and philosophical institutions before Volume IV was published.

Report 0119//Comment

I should say that Tate was pretty spot on, in retrospect. There was a small memory leak in semi-related coprocessors which resulted in two individuals being born with some knowledge of World mechanics. However, I'm not sure if they ever knew that their knowledge was technically divine or if they operated as traditional oracles, since the Rachenaeids had an established system of divination by the time of the leak. More is available re: the twins in Report #00031 , but I've hated that subregister for a while and don't want to go back even to read what I thought was a pretty cool story. On another note, I'm not sure we can continue to call these things incident reports. If we're being honest this one isn't even an incident, it's an "Oh Shit we could have Broken everything, but it all worked out and ain't that crazy", which I'm not sure is a great or efficient use of power.