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Boy Saves Bot

  • Twins || Incident 34 "Insurance Fraud"
  • Planetary Catalogue || "On Mercury"
  • Planetary Catalogue || "On Earth"
  • Planetary Catalogue || "On Mars"
  • Doctor || Contact Attempt 3c "Containment Protocols"
  • Doctor || Containment Procedure 13 "Fission"
  • Planetary Catalogue || "On The Elyse System (Pluto Charon and Neptune)"
  • Moria || "On Speaking"
  • Tentpole || “On Important Events

Men decide it's finally time to meet God, for real this time, no Babel. Doctor leads, exocult behind. God is contacted. For a deity (or multiple) to exist, they must be linked to a material universe. The neural energy output of an entire universe is what makes a god, but that god is created and bound to the exoplane. A god is only able to survive in the exoplane because the connection between the planes (anchored at specific places), is able to condense the neural energy of the universe in passage, allowing the god to experience the entirety of the universe without affecting it (usually). If a god is brought to the material plane they will not be able to experience the universe (i.e. exist) without actually consuming the neural energy of the beings, bodies and systems of the material plane. Doctor wasn't quite sure but thought he could put the god in a pocket universe created using one of the anchors (Venus ANO#445 "Nike"), creating a kind of stasis bubble. However, even in a pocket dimension the consuming power of the god would continue to eat away at the energy of the universe, so Doctor splits a part of God (EXO-ANO#001) and places it in a robotic body with one of the first developed artificial brains, creating the Robot (EXO-ANO#001B "Tangent"). A quirk of the binding process that Doctor only theorized made Tangent a basically "Blank Slate", with very low neural power (consciousness, personality, etc) at first, but over time the God's energy would create a person just as real as anyone else. Doctor, playing on this quirk, built in a failsafe for if Tangent gained enough neural power to begin to conceive of their true nature. Tangent would, upon reaching a critical mass of neural energy, feel compelled to travel to the Other anchor present in this universe (Pluto) and attempt to move back into the ExoPlane. This compulsion would present as almost a subconscious drive, justified by Tangent to be related to his creator and what he was "made to do". Tangent would not, until it was too late, realize that their programming would eventually compel them to attempt to usurp God's place by returning to the Exoplane, this time with a digital consciousness which could be reached by Doctor, giving him control of the total neural energy of the universe. God would now be of Man's design, incorrectly able to influence events, from which stars collapsed and when to human beings and their lives, their desires, their wishes...Doctor's wishes. What Doctor does not realize is that there is no compatibility between the Material Plane and the Exoplane in any configuration except the original. If a digital consciousness with the power of a god was allowed to cross into the exoplane, the result would Also be Total System Collapse (theoretically it is possible for the digital consciousness to rectify the arrangement, if its one conscious decision was to place the deity back into the exoplane, allowing the exoplane to absorb the pocket dimension created at one anchor, and performing some kind of hard reset, but that would most likely leave Tangent dispersed along the Crossroads linking the other anchor to the exoplane)

a series of classic quests/stories/stuff on each planet (Mars a big planet led by a worldmind that can only help within confines, obviously a personality who long ago realized they were a person trapped in a machine, a living thing, entrusted with the power of a planet) , the asteroid belt being lonely (but a couple is there maintaining a station that is constantly dealing with the shit left behind by the rest of humanity, dangerous deactivated weapons, drones, asteroids that never got modeled fully, just because they are spending their lives together in a place that's theirs), Jupiter a mess of social democracy (a joint vote of the UN and Jovian Congress has just turned sour over the vote of one man, a representative from earth who's chosen to go against the resettlement plan of Earth because he's been paid off by a Jupiter/Elyse transport baron who's part of a larger effort by Elyse to stall further the Jovian political system to show the inefficiency of socialism), saturn being anarchist but fucked with by Everyone, uranus being just as weird and unknown as venus, and neptune being harnessed for power by Elyse (Charon Pluto System Casino Planet) where capitalism reigns, the planets are within the reach of man's machines and the unknown exoplane anchor is slowly warping and fucking with the locus of the Pluto/Charon system (despite the Robber Baron and Shitty Scientists-backed "political representation" saying its a manageable spring of cosmic magical energy that actually allows the technical advantage of the system (Kinda true i guess?)